The Award

The International Hrant Dink Award is presented annually under the aegis of the International Hrant Dink Foundation at an award ceremony organised on Hrant Dink’s birthday, September 15th.

Each year the award is granted to two individuals; one from Turkey and one from abroad. In addition to the award itself, after an annual scanning and reviewing process, the Award Committee makes a selection of individuals, institutions, organisations and initiatives that pursue activities in line with the principles of Hrant Dink Award and announces their names to the public during the award ceremony under the title of “Sparks”.

The candidates for the International Hrant Dink Award are either determined by the Award Committee according to the results of the respective annual review process and/or can be nominated by other individuals, organisations or institutions. Self-nominations will not be taken into consideration. The deadline for nominations is 15th of April for each year.

All rights of the award logo created by Bülent Erkmen, award trophy designed by Erdağ Aksel, and the award music composed by Arto Tunçboyacıyan are reserved by the International Hrant Dink Foundation.

Principles and objectives

The International Hrant Dink Award is presented to individuals, organisations and groups that  give inspiration and hope to people for holding on to their struggle, that work for a more liberal and fair world free from discrimination, racism and violence, who take personal risks for achieving those ideals, who break the stereotypes and use the language of peace.

With this award, the International Hrant Dink Foundation aims to remind to all those who struggle for these ideals that their voices are heard, their works are visible, that they are not alone as well as to encourage entire humanity to fight for their ideals.

Organisation and Functioning The internal organisation of the International Hrant Dink Award consists of three bodies; namely the Board of Directors of the International Hrant Dink Foundation, the Award Committee of International Hrant Dink Award, and the International Jury. The relations among those bodies are based on the principles of delegation of responsibilities, autonomy, and oversight oversight.

Board of Directors: The Board is the body that represents and manages the Award and the awarding process. It chooses the members of the Award Committee in the beginning of each year and evaluates the Committee’s activities and carries out its audit at the end.

Award Committee: The Committee has three main tasks, respectively;
a)To search for, examine and make a compilation of award nominees to be forwarded to the International Jury; to act as the secretariat of the Jury.
b)To propose members and the chairperson of the International Jury to the Board of Directors and to propose replacements/renewals when necessary
c)To coordinate the organisational aspects of the award, manage the finances and the logistics, organise the ceremony.

If it finds necessary, the Award committee can establish additional awards other than the International Hrant Dink Award. In this case, the Committee shall set up the necessary bodies as well as the juries of such additional awards.

The Award Committee is accountable to the Board of Directors. However, it has autonomy in its internal organisation, financing, administration, and decision making. At the end of each year, the Committee shall submit an annual activity report to the Board of Directors.

The Committee meets once in every month. At its first meeting, it chooses a chairperson and a general secretary among its members, divides tasks, and informs the Foundation’s Board of Directors on those decisions.  In its internal functioning, the main principle is to delegate tasks to several commissions. The chairperson and the general secretary are jointly responsible for the coordination of activities. The Committee makes its decisions unanimously.

The Committee fulfils its tasks through four different commissions:

Commission of Finance: The Commission of Finance is responsible for raising sources that are required to ensure the financial autonomy of the award and its sustainability. It also plans, raises funds and handles the accounting of the annual expenditures. It has a separate bank account that it can duly use. The Commission of Finance reports its finances and accounts to the Board of Directors every six months.

Commission of Public Relations:  The Commission is responsible for both carrying out the relations with the media and the public as well as preparing the invitation lists for the award ceremony.

Commission of Organization:  The Commission manages the organisation and production of the award ceremony; it is responsible for logistic services needed.

Commission for Candidates: The Commission makes a research on potential individuals and groups that fit to the principles of the International Hrant Dink Award, in liaison with relevant international organisations. It determines the eligible nominees and establishes the list for “Sparks”.  It also prepares the nominees’ files to be presented to the International Jury.

Jury: The Jury consists of 9 members. 1 member is chosen among the members of the Award Committee, 2 members from Turkey and 4 members from other countries. Each year, the award winners from the previous year obtain the right to become members of the Jury. The Chairperson, appointed by the Award Committee, represents the Jury and makes public announcements on the awarded individuals, organisations and groups. The internal coordination of the Jury is handled by a jury member appointed by the Award Committee.

Activities of the Jury and the timeline: Every year on October 15th, the International Hrant Dink Award Committee makes a public announcement and starts the nomination process.  The members of the Jury are also named in the same announcement. The deadline for both the submission of nominations and the nominee selection process carried out by the Award Committee are is April 15th. The Award Committee decides on the nominees, prepares nominees’ files and submits the files to the Jury until May 15th after the approval of the Chair of the Committee and the Chair of the Board. The selection of the nominees, the preparation of the files and the submission of the names of nominees to the Jury are performed in confidentially. Even after the award winners are selected by the Jury, their names will be kept confidential. The members of the Jury complete their selections and inform the Chairperson until July 15th The voting takes place in two rounds. In the first round to be completed until July 1st, each jury member selects and ranks two candidates for each award category. The Chairperson then announces to the members of the Jury the two candidates that have the highest votes in each category. In the second round, decisions are made by majority voting and the names of the awardees are declared to the Award Committee no later than July 15th. In case of equal votes, the chairperson’s vote determines the final decision.

The names of the award winners are not announced to the public before the award ceremony. The Award Committee informs the awardees about the decision made by the Jury and gets their consent. In case the selected award winner refuses the award for various reasons, the award is presented to the individual/group that received the second rank.

This guideline takes effect upon the approval of the Board of Directors. The rules set in this guideline might be changed in line with the recommendations of the Award Committee following the approval of the Board of Directors.