Samar Badawi
Human rights defender. She began her struggle for human rights at a very young age when she took to court her own father, who abused her physically for fifteen years. She filed various lawsuits against the guardianship system, the voter registration centre for its rejection to register women, and the prosecution of women driving cars. On March 8th, 2012, she was awarded with the International Women of Courage Award by the US Department of State for her opposition to the guardianship law, for being an example to the lawsuits for suffrage, and for being a source of courage and inspiration to other women. She received letters of threat from the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, warning her to cease her human rights activities, and later upon her return, her passport was confiscated. Despite the on-going travel ban and other obstacles, she continues her struggle for human rights.
Kaos GL
Since its establishment in 1994, has been working with the motto “The liberation of homosexuals will liberate heterosexuals as well”. In 2005, it became the first LGBT group in Turkey that received a legal entity. Its magazine Kaos GL, Turkey’s oldest LGBT publication has created the platform for gays, lesbians, bisexuals, transsexuals, and anti-heterosexists to set their own agendas. Its academic magazine KaosQ+ has published researches on Queer studies while drawing attention to relationships among other inequalities intersecting with sexuality and society. In 2006, it organized the Local Reporter Network Training to facilitate news writing free of homophobia, transphobia and sexism, and created the web site; KaosGL.org, which has published many articles, news items, and translations. By organising the Anti-Homophobia Meetings in various cities of Turkey, KAOS GL provides the opportunity for the problems of LGBT individuals to be discussed on a local level.  
Atom Egoyan
Film director, writer, and producer. Exploring themes of ‘alienation’ and ‘isolation’ in his 16 feature-length films and TV programmes, he won many awards such as Cannes Film Festival and Genie Awards. His films have been presented in numerous retrospectives across the world, including a complete career overview at the Pompidou Centre in Paris, followed by similar events at the Filmoteca Espagnol in Madrid and the Museum of The Moving Image in New York. Egoyan is a member of The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, the Directors Guild of America, the Directors Guild of Canada, the Writers Guild of America, the Writers Guild of Canada, and the Royal Canadian Academy of Art. He is a Companion of the Order of Canada, and honoured with the 2015 Governor General’s Performing Arts Award.